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Antique books with their fabulous end papers have always drawn me in. The ancient art of paper marbling has fascinated me and I have wanted to find a way to translate this skilled craftmanship into my own textile artwork. I don't want to recreate traditional marbled paper established patterns, but create undulating and flowing patterns that are uniquely my own.

July to October of 2017 was the beginning of my experimentation with marbling of fabrics. Since I use dense hand stitching to enhance my artwork with shadowing and physical texture, I needed to devise a way to use dyes instead of paint for my pieces. The traditional air brush paint left the fabric too stiff to easily hand stitch.

I now have over 100 pieces of marbled fabrics ready for several upcoming series of artwork: Aged Psychedelic, Ebb + Flow, Ebrû (Clouds), Psychedelic Fog, Wisps of Memory, and several constructed series.

Aged Psychedelic #5 (c)2017 Jean M. Judd, N.S.A.

Aged Psychedelic #5 (c)2017 (in process) - artwork ground fabric

Ebb + Flow #7 (c)2017 Jean M. Judd, N.S.A.

Ebb + Flow #7 (c)2017 (in process) - artwork ground fabric

Wisps of Memory #8 (c)2017 Jean M. Judd, N.S.A.

Wisps of Memory #8 (c)2017 (in process) - artwork ground fabric

Each series ranges in size from 9 to 13 individual artworks and will be completed over the next few years as commission and exhibition projects allow.

I look forward to continued experimentation with the marbling process and branching out into larger pieces and designs. Check back to see more examples and completed artworks.