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About the Textile Artist...

Artist Jean M. Judd, N.S.A. (c)2018Jean M. Judd, NSA of Cushing, Wisconsin, has been creating contemporary textile art since 1990 and has been selected for several significant cash awards for her work in the fine art arena. In October 2013 she was awarded Signature Member status in the National Society of Artists.

Jean is a self-taught textile artist who uses only hand quilting and stitching in her work. She has been making commission quilts for clients since the beginning of her career. In 2004 Jean's business name, Sisters In Stitches, was formally registered as a business in the state of Wisconsin and has been growing by leaps and bounds ever since. She does custom hand dyed fabrics for other artists as well as custom hand quilting for private clients and art collectors family heirloom quilts.

All of her work is original designs, some still using updated traditional quilt blocks, others being contemporary art quilts and wall art. She does not use thimbles while hand quilting as she feels her stitches are more consistent and smaller without the thimble. It is more difficult for her to feel the needle when using a thimble. She uses dye on some artwork, which allows the "hand" of the fabric to remain as originally intended. All applique is done by her own hand. Many of her pieces have been large 100" x 100" in size with more moderate sized quilts coming into her series work.

Over 250 textile artworks reside in homes across the US, Europe, South America, and Canada. Many of her textile artworks are in private fine art collections. Recent commissions have been made for contemporary art collections, retirement presentations, and for new home constructions.

Jean designed her dream studio in July of 2007. Go to the Studio page to see full details. She relocated to the 1st floor of her home and took over the two largest rooms. She now has a 12 foot by 8 foot design wall, 14x12 foot office space and a huge studio space with Full Spectrum Lighting right off the office area. She can enjoy the beautiful view of the lake and can walk right out the sliding patio door. See the article about the evolution of her studio in The Professional Quilter Journal Fall of 2007 and in Art Calendar magazine December of 2007. As her needs for space have grown, a third room was taken over for a wet studio to use for dyeing and rust pigmentation.
Jean's Philosophy: "Not everything in life is about speed, quantity and immediate satisfaction. I could make hundreds of pieces a year by machine quilting instead of hand quilting. It is NOT about how many pieces I can produce quickly, it is about making a quality piece with old world craftsmanship and details that are uniquely mine. Each piece is designed by me. I select the fabric to be used and I piece it all together into a one-of-a-kind, unique contemporary textile artwork. Every quilt stitch is made by my two hands and a part of me resides in each piece. The design evolves as the process continues to completion."
Jean also offers custom hand quilting on clients antique and contemporary quilt tops as her schedule permits. Contact her for further information through the Contact Artist option located on the sidebar. More information is also available on the Hand Quilting Services page as well as under the Commission Forms page.

Hand of the Artist, Jean M. Judd.

She has been quilting for over two decades and decided to branch out into commission work many years ago. In the last few years she has added art quilts to her repertoire. Jean has never followed someone else's design, so all of her pieces are one of a kind. Her specialty is hand work, especially hand quilting and hand applique. She has not machine quilted any of her work. Regular clients particularly value this feature as it is more and more difficult to find quality, hand quilted art. The studio is located in Cushing, WI in a valley filled with wildlife, beautiful scenery, and lots of inspiration. Jean constructs commission pieces of any size for clients. She can be contacted via email for more details using the Contact Artist option located on the sidebar. There also are forms on the Commission Forms page for clients to fill out and submit by postal mail.

As the traditional quilt becomes more art-like, comes off the bed and becomes displayed on walls as art, it is interesting to note that we are coming full circle back to the tapestry tradition of the 1300s. Kings and nobles of the medieval, renaissance and Arts & Craft periods used huge tapestries on their walls. The large pieces moved from castle to castle and provided comfort as well as prestige for their owners and were considered a valuable part of the spoils of war. Art Quilts are becoming very similar in size to these ancient tapestries as well, as they grow in size to fill large wall spaces in great rooms of collectors homes, soaring wall spaces at corporations, and on walls in major medical centers across the nation. More musuems and galleries are showing contemporary art quilts as works of art intermixed with the traditional art of oil painting, acrylics and sculpture.

An exciting project, the Visioning Project, launched by SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) in October of 2009 and Jean was one of the pilot members. Then-President Lisa Chipetine started the Visioning Project open to all members of SAQA. It started as a year long process for each Visioning Project member to publically state their goal for the project, share their steps to reaching their goal, show their progress monthly including obstacles, and assist others in reaching their stated goal. At the end, a documentary will be done featuring these textile artists. There are 160 members signed up to participate in this project. The project has been deemed so successful that it will continue in 2011 as well as 2012, 2013, and 2014 . To see a video discussing Jean's Visioning Project and its results from 2009/2010, click here. Other YouTube videos produced by Ms. Judd discussing individual artworks can be seen online as well.

You may also want to check out the growing list of books that Jean has written since 2012 by going over to the Books page. The series An Artist's Journey has three books available now with several more slated for release over the next three years. Quetico: An Artist's Experience had the first book released in 2013 and the second book was released in April of 2017 with more already committed to over the next few years as well.

The web site is always changing and growing so be sure to check back often to see what is happening.