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Contemporary Abstract textile artist, Jean M. Judd, works in a series format a bit differently than most artists. She designs and completes a piece for the beginning of a series and then moves on to the next series. When she has eight to ten different series begun, she goes back and makes additional pieces for each series. This keeps the ideas flowing and she can be thinking about the progression on a different series while working on a separate one.

Her work is heavily hand stitched so there is plenty of time for the internal design process on other series development. Several series (including Abstract Cloth, Contaminated Water, Scribble, Designing with Rust, etc.) are featured here on the web site, easily accessed using the menu bar on the left hand side. More recent work is moving into the abstract contemporary genre. Because of the heavy commission schedule maintained from year to year, only seven to ten textile artworks are designed and constructed specifically for direct purchase and exhibitions each year.

Butterflies in the Dark, Eagle Wings, Hummingbirds in Flowers - Jean M. Judd, Textile Artist"When clients send me an image of the area they are intending to acquire artworks for, I am able to show them what various artworks will look like installed in the selected space," says Ms. Judd.

"This image show Butterflies in the Dark, Eagle Wings, and Hummingbirds in Flowers  from my Cross Stitched series as they would appear installed in this medical center’s waiting room."

A majority of art quilts constructed by other artists are now quilted using threadpainting techniques and longarm quilting machines. There is great value and artistry in the traditional, hand quilted aspect of her work. The process of handquilting allows the creator, and the artwork to meld and blend together. The additional time spent in the labor intensive process gives the artist more influence over the final outcome. It allows for more introspection and observation of what the piece needs to find its true voice once completed. The handwork aspect is a more relaxed way of stitching and it comes across in the finished piece with a more soft hand to the artwork.

Blue Angel, Purple Angel - Jean M. Judd, Textile ArtistThis image shows Blue Angel and Purple Angel, also from the Cross Stitche series, as they could be displayed in the same space at the medical center's waiting room.

Artist Jean Judd's process is not an assembly line process, and a limited number of artworks are created and completed each year. Time is spent at all stages of construction of the artwork. None of the stages can be rushed including the beginning design process all the way up to the the finishing work of binding and making the piece ready for display. The large pieces can be used in a traditional manner on a bed, but even those artworks are predominately displayed on the wall by clients.

Purple Angel, Last Angel, Blue Angel - Jean M. Judd, Textile ArtistThis final example shows Purple Angel, Last Angel, and Blue Angel displayed in the medical center waiting room.

If you have a specific space you are interested in filling with contemporary textile art, please send Ms. Judd via email ( a high resolution image of your space. "Include the title of the artworks you are interested in and I can easily email you back various images showing how the artwork will look in that space. Many of my pieces can be displayed in both vertical and horizontal orientations so this will really give a great vision of how wonderful the work will look in your space."

To purchase non-commission exhibition work still available, go to any of the Wall Art or Series sub-menus: Abstract, Contaminated Water, etc. All available artwork is also available for purchase through Amazon Handmade as of November of 2016.

Acquired artwork is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist. This certificate includes the exhibition history of the piece.

Please email
Jean at if you have any questions or use the Contact Artist link on the side menu. She can also be contacted by written letter through the US Postal Service addressed to: Jean M. Judd, 2807 State Road 87, Cushing, WI   54006.

I do ship Internationally as well as within the USA. Appropriate shipping charges are added to your purchase price when using Paypal, which allows you to use your credit/debit card or the eCheck option. As a note, using eCheck in Paypal is a slow process and it can take up to one month for the funds to be deposited into Paypal. I do not ship purchased work until the money has cleared Paypal or the personal check has cleared my bank. For International purchases, I also will accept Wire Transfers in US dollars.