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Tilt'n Whirl Series

This contemporary graphic art quilt series developed by textile artist Jean M. Judd, has been ongoing since 2001. The precursor to this series is the Heavenly Monet piece which is featured in the Commissions section, about halfway down the page, of this web site. This page is setup to feature the textile artworks available for purchase featuring this design.

They are available for purchase directly from the artist by selecting the Acquire link by the desired artwork, or going to Amazon Handmade and purchasing through their system.

Some of them have been featured in major art exhibitions. You can see the exhibition history for each artwork on the Exhibition page under Recent Exhibitions.

Twirling Leaves #2 (2010) Jean M. Judd, Textile ArtistThis piece is the second in the Twirling Leaves series. It is based on the Tilt’n Whirl block pattern. The art quilt is machine pieced, hand quilted, and hand bound. Commercial fabrics were used in the textile artwork with some of them dating back to the 1980s.

Detail images of the dense hand stitching show the detail in the rubber tree leaves in the outer area of the art quilt. Detail Image  Examining the piece up close reveals many nuances in the artwork from spirals, to hatch marks and many different colors of thread. Detail Stitching Detail Back

This artwork is designed to be hung in any orientation. The images detailing the different orientations show how different the piece can look simply by rotating it. This makes for many interesting display options.   Orientation #2  Orientation #3  Orientation #4 Inquire about artwork.  Acquire

 Twirling Leaves #2 (c) 2009-2010 - Hand Stitched Thread on Textile - 44.5"x 46.5" (112 x 117cm) - $8,925

Twirling Leaves #1 (2008) Jean M. Judd, Textile ArtistThis piece was designed for an exhibition opportunity, entitled Prime, Primary, Primordial, sponsored by the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) IL/WI Region.

This piece is constructed in the same way as the Royal Pinwheel and Fiesta Pinwheel wall art pieces shown above. Only two fabrics were used in this rendition.

 The geometric form created by each section of the pinwheel is the overall hand quilted pattern. This piece is machine pieced, hand quilted, and hand bound. Commercial fabric was used in this art quilt.

Traditional unbleached muslin is used for the back and the artwork is signed and dated by the textile artist.  Detail Photo  Detail Photo Back  Inquire about artwork.   Acquire

 Twirling Leaves #1 - (c) 2008 - Hand Stitched Thread on Textile - 29.25"x 26.25" (73.5 x 66cm) - $1,725

Fiesta Pinwheels (2005) Jean M. JuddI saw pinwheels that I used to play with as a child as I was making the quilt. Others who see the quilt on display tell me they see a River Eddy that makes potholes in the bedrock of the river.

This piece uses the same fabrics  as Royal Pinwheel but has a much different appearance. There is a more relaxed feeling with this piece, like when a canoe paddle makes an eddy as you are paddling down a quiet river.

The quilt is made of 100% cotton commercial fabrics. The hand quilting in the border is reminiscent of an Art Deco design. Hand quilting has been done around each pinwheel to bring out the shape.

It was hand quilted and bound by hand. The backing is traditional, unbleached muslin and is signed and dated by the artist. For a brief video discussing the artistic process, you can visit YouTube. Detail Photo  Back View  Inquire about artwork.  Acquire

 Fiesta Pinwheels Art Quilt - (c) 2004-2005 - Hand Stitched Thread on Textile - 33"x 33" (84 x 84cm) - $2,050

Royal Pinwheels (2004) Jean M. JuddNaming pieces can be difficult. This piece feels more majestic and rich with the black and gold fabric dominating the piece.  It is the same fabrics and design as Fiesta Pinwheels, but has a totally different feel to the piece.

Four fabrics were used to make this piece of textile art that has sparkle from the white background fabric as well as the black/gold fabric which adds a touch of elegance.

The hand quilting stitches enhance the overall design of the piece. The quilting in the two borders gives this piece a unique, subdued finish. As with all of my work, the piece is also hand bound.

The back of the wall hanging is covered traditionally, with unbleached muslin and is signed and dated by the textile artist.
Detail Photo  Back View  Inquire about artwork.  Acquire

Royal Pinwheels Art Quilt - (c) 2004 - Hand Stitched Thread on Textile - 28"x 28" (71 x 71cm) - $1,500

If you have a specific space you are interested in filling with contemporary textile art, please send me via email , a high resolution image of your space. Include the title of the artworks you are interested in and I can easily email you back various images showing how the artwork will look in that space. Many of my pieces can be displayed in both vertical and horizontal orientations so this will really give a great vision of how wonderful the work will look in your space.