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Commission Forms

On this page you can find PDF forms to view and print for beginning the textile commission process with artist Jean M. Judd.

Please select the order form you need and click on the link below. A PDF file will open for you to print out on your printer. Fill it out with as much detail as you want to supply. Mail or email it to me and we will proceed from there with your commission. More general information is below the form links.

**Newly available for interior designers, art consultants, gallery and museum directors, art advisors, and collectors, is a full digital version of my textile artwork portfolio on CD. This is an up-to-date 228 page PDF Portfolio including images of selected commissions, artwork available for purchase, articles, exhibition catalogs, resume, etc. Send me a mailing address via the form below or call me at 715-566-0212 and I will mail a copy to you.**



The Ford Emblem is used with licensing permission from Ford Motor Company. This is an example of one of the customized Ford Emblem wall art pieces I have completed for clients featuring images of their collector cars.


I have also used client’s business logos to make wall art for their corporate offices, showrooms, and for use in convention booths. Contact me for further details on what I can design for you.

Custom Car Emblem Order Form

Custom Family Name Wall Art Order Form

Custom Ford Emblem Order Form

Custom Hand Quilting Order Form

Custom Height Chart Order Form

Custom Textile Artwork Order Form

Custom Wyoming Valley Order Form

Memory Pillow/Wall Art Order Form

Commission Agreement Form

Commission Basics:

 I am always happy to discuss commissions with my clients. Noproject is too big or too small as you can see from some of the examples shownhere on my website. The client’s involvement can be to any degree desired fromgiving me free reign to design a unique, one of a kind quilt or home décorpiece; to you, the client specifying colors to be used or specific antiqueblocks that must be incorporated into the finished piece.

I have done the consultations for commissions both in personand completely via the Internet and email communication. Many of my orders fromEurope have been done via the Internet and allcommunications through numerous emails. Now that I have this website, it ismuch simpler for clients to look at some of the pieces I have made and todecide if any of the basic designs fit their requirements for their own one ofa kind piece.

It is easy to use one of my previous designs as a startingpoint and then through conversations refine and design their own piece. Someclients have been very precise in the colors they want in their quilts bysending me swatches of materials that are already in the room they plan ondisplaying the piece. Others have been general in just saying, “I like bluesand browns” and letting me design their piece with those colors.

The various order forms on my site cover most of theinformation that I need to design your piece. Some things for you as the clientto think about, prior to filling out the order form for your specific piece arelisted below.

**  What size art quilt or home décor item do you envision?n  Isit going to do double duty and be able to hang on a wall as well as grace abed? (A king size art quilt will need a 10 foot tall by 10 foot wide space tohang in.)

**  Is there a specific time deadline on having the commission completed? Rememberthat all of the quilting and appliqué (if required) done on these pieces isdone by hand and even the pieces that are not densely quilted still require alot of time. It can take me a year or longer to get a 120”x120” artwork donedepending on my exhibition schedule and other commissions I may be working onat the time the client submits their request.

**  Is there a specific piece that you have seen on my website that is similar to whatyou are envisioning or are there elements from multiple pieces that you wouldlike to see incorporated into your piece?

**  If photos or images are being included in the piece, the images have to be photostaken by you or public domain images. I can not use copyrighted photos orlicensed logos made by/for others such as professional photographers,corporations, etc. Some corporations have already given me licensing to usetheir logos (such as Ford) and I do have permission to use some wildlife photographers’images as well.

Once the client and I have discussed what the commissionwill entail, I can provide sketches of the potential design for a nonrefundablefee of $500.00 if necessary. This fee is subtracted from the total cost of thepiece when the commission contract is signed by all parties.

When the commission contract is signed, 1/3 of the totalestimated cost is due. When the piece has been constructed, before the handquilting begins, another 1/3 of the total estimated cost is due. When the pieceis completed, the remaining balance is due prior to delivery or shipment of thecompleted piece. Photos will be sent by mail or email as each stage of thepiece is completed.

As you can see from the order forms, prices for varioustypes of commissions vary and are based on size of the piece and the complexityof the work. Some small, intricate art quilts can be more labor intensive thanlarger pieces. The prices listed on the various order forms, are for the artquilts or home décor only. Any interior designer/architect fees, installationexpenses and/or hand delivery expenses are in addition to the cost of the work.

Payments can be made by personal check or securely onlinewith PayPal which I use extensively since it is secure for both of us.

As is expected, there are no returns or refunds onCommission pieces as these are made specifically for you and the client seesthe piece as it progresses and the design process takes care of any problemsbefore the piece is ever near completion.

As the designer, I retain the copyright for any work I makefor clients. This means that you can not allow someone else to copy the artquilt or home décor item that I have made for you or to reproduce it in anyform. If it is featured in a publication or article, credit must be given to meas the creator.

I do have the right to publish a photo of the completedpiece on my website. You can request to not have your name listed with theimage (“Private Collection” would be substituted.)

Most of the pieces I make are machine washable and dryable.The hand quilting does hold up to this as even the least quilted pieces, arequilted every 2-3 inches. Full care instructions are included with thecompleted piece. I use mostly 100% cotton fabrics for the front and back of thepieces. Polyester battings are normally used inside the pieces.

If you have any further questions or need moreclarification, please email me at jean@jeanjudd.comor call me at (715) 566-0212. I look forward to hearing from you soon to discuss yourunique commissioned artwork.                  

 If you have any further questions or need more clarification, please email me at