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Textile Commissions - 2000s

This page features a selection of the art commission pieces textile artist Jean M. Judd has completed from 2000 to 2009.

Farm Scene #2, 2003-2008, Jean M. Judd, Textile ArtistThis is the second in the series of quilts based off the center panel. This piece was actually commissioned after a client saw the Farm Scene #1 art quilt that was donated to a Silent Auction.

This piece is much larger, different windowpane design and has more intricate and dense hand quilting. The white "panes" are hand appliqued to the whole cloth center panel.

There are horseshoes hand quilted in the brown border sections and a diamond grid is quilted in the center panel to symbolize rain falling at an angle.

The owners of this quilt have a deep love of horses so horse fabric was also found and included in the piece as the border units. A large horse is also hand quilted in the final border around the entire quilt. It will be used alternately on a guest room bed and displayed on a wall in the family room. Detail Photo Back Detail Photo Center Detail Photo Top Detail Photo Stitching

 Farm Scene #2 Commission - (c) 2003-2008 - Hand Stitched Thread on Textile - 76"x 64". Installation in USA December 2008.

Family Name Quilt #5 - (c) 2007, Jean M. Judd, Textile ArtistThis wall hanging was commissioned for a family that just had their fifth child. A leaf was hand quilted in the plain squares and each family member's name and birth dates were hand quilted inside the leaf.

The mother is a science teacher so a fabric with a teacher holding a beaker was used for her block. The father is a design engineer so a fabric showing a man working furiously at his computer was used for his block. The oldest children, four boys, are heavily involved in multiple sports: football, basketball, baseball and golf. Fabrics were selected to represent each of these sports. The newest has baby duck fabric that is quilted with shamrocks. There is one leaf left for another child or they may opt to have something else quilted here.

Family Name Quilt #5 - (c) 2007 - Hand Stitched Thread on Textile -43"x43". Installed in Wisconsin, USA

Antique Sampler Block - (c)2006-2007, Jean M. Judd, Textile ArtistThis piece was commissioned by a couple in Belgium. The quilt is 96 inches x 88 inches and is made to fit their bed. Antique quilt blocks from 1890 through 1938 were constructed to make this sampler quilt.

Blocks used in this quilt include: Bear's Den, Capital T, Arkansas Crossroads, Best of All, Balkan Puzzle, Fair and Square, Turkey in the Straw, Texas Treasure, King's Highway, A Dandy, A Scrap Patch, Double Pyramid, Beauregard's Surroundings, Bridal Path, Grandmother's Quilt, Pharlemina's Favorite, Cubed Lattice, Friendship Star, Pinetree and Economy (Garden of Eden). The quilt is machine pieced, hand quilted and hand bound. Quilting designs found in the quilt include: garden gates, flying birds, baby foot prints, watering can, tea cups, houses, puzzle pieces, film strips, frogs, leaves, roses, turtles, books, daisy chains, diamonds, stars and a seashell.  Detail Photo

Antique Sampler Block Commission - (c)2006-2007- Hand Stitched Thread on Textile - 96"x 88". Installed in Brussels, Belgium April 2008.

Wyoming Valley #4 (c) 2003-2006, Jean M. Judd, Textile ArtistThis quilt was designed for a crop farmer. It is the third quilt using the Wyoming Valley block, the same block used in the Choir of Angels quilt as well as the example shown for the Custom Wyoming Valley quilt. A marked difference between each quilt.

This quilt features a navy blue fabric that has a design like rumpled satin. The blue and the red were specifically selected by the quilt owner for the International Harvester logo.

The yellow is actually individual, densely packed corn kernels to represent the owner's livelyhood. The lighter blue fabric that looks like buttons is actually densely printed baseballs with dates from the 1950s.                                                        Detail Photo #1 Detail Photo #2    Detail Photo #3                          Exhibition History

Wyoming Valley #4 (International Harvester) - (c) 2003-2006 - Hand Stitched Thread on Textile - 93"x 81". Private Collector, USA

Family Name Quilt #1 - (c)2004-2005, Jean M. Judd, Textile ArtistThis was made for a young couple married for two years, who were expecting their first child in August 2005. The couple's names and birth dates are hand stitched in the top two hearts. The family dog's name and birth date is in the bottom heart on the right hand side. When their first child was born, her name and birth date were added. As more children join the family, the wall hanging will be returned to me to add in their information, which they did in April 2007 for the birth of their second child. The "W" is made with wood grained fabric as the couple built a log cabin in 2006. The background fabric behind the "W" has an oriental motif as the wife was born in Japan. The specialty fabrics are from France, given to the wife's mother as a gift. Detail Photo

Family Name Quilt #1 - (c)2004-2005 - Hand Stitched Thread on Textile - 40"x 40". Installed in Wisconsin, USA

Racing Gran Torino - (c) 2005, Jean M. Judd, Textile ArtistThis commision piece features a 1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport at the start line for a Drag Race in Rock Falls, Wisconsin. The photo is a digital image sized to a 5"x7" that was taken by me to make the wall art. This piece hangs in the race trailer of the owner of the car along with two other pieces he commissioned.
Detail Photo

Racing Gran Torino - (c) 2005 - Hand Stitched Thread on Textile - 19"x 19". Private Collection Drag Car Racer, USA

Lakeside Gran Torino - (c)2005, Jean M. Judd, Textile ArtistThis piece was commissioned by a classic car owner and we went to a lake near his home to take this photograph to use for this wall art. He is a collector of many types of old cars and I have included just a couple of his commissions. This piece is displayed in his drag racing car trailer during the season and then in his den in his home during the winter months. Detail Photo

Lakeside Gran Torino - (c) 2005 - Hand Stitched Thread on Textile - 17"x 17". Private Collection Drag Car Racer, USA

Ford Emblem Quilt - (c)2004-2005, Jean M. Judd, Textile ArtistThis commission was on exhibit June 23-25, 2006 in St. Paul, Minnesota at the Minnesota Street Rod Association (MSRA) 33rd Annual "Back to the 50's Weekend" car show.

This quilt was also on display along with one of the Gran Torino cars stitched on the quilt at the Carcraft Summer Nationals in St. Paul, MN at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds from July 21-23, 2006.

Detail Photo Quilt on display June 2008 at the Back to the 50's Car show in St Paul, Minnesota. This was inside the owners race trailer.

Custom Ford Gran Torino - (c)2004-2005 - Thread on Textile - 38"x 38". Private Collection, USA. Licensed by Ford Motor Company.

Wyoming Valley #3 - (c)2002-2003, Jean M. Judd, Textile ArtistThis commission has four Theme Fabrics (four different sports which includes basketball, bowling, billards, and golf) but the other fabrics used remain the same to give the quilt continuity.

The quilt shown is the second in a series using the Wyoming Valley block. It was commissioned as a graduation gift for a student going off to college. It is an interesting way to view usually complicated quilt blocks and play with color and layout within each block to achieve amazing variety in designs. See some of my other quilts based on this quilt block for other dramatic images. Detail Photo

Wyoming Valley #3 - (c) 2002-2003- Hand Stitched Thread on Textile -120"x 120". Private Collection in USA.

Irish Bargello - (c)1997-2002, Jean M. Judd, Textile ArtistThis quilt was made in 2002 using 9 different fabrics in a large bargello pattern. The top is hand quilted in a scroll design. Binding was also applied by hand.

The backing is traditional, unbleached muslin. The quilt is signed and dated by the artist. The owner displays the piece on a guest bed during the winter and above the fireplace in the great room during the summer. Detail Photo

Irish Bargello Quilt - (c)1997-2002 - Hand Stitched Thread on Textile - 94.5"x 88". Private Collection in USA.

Heavenly Monet - (c)2001, Jean M. Judd, Textile ArtistThis center of this quilt was made out of 110 different fabrics each cut into a 5” square. After the center was constructed, it resembled a abstract Monet type painting.

It is framed with multiple borders so that the center would be the high light of the quilt. Each resulting pinwheel was hand quilted around its shape to accent the design.

The white border has cross hatching the blue border has its own unique hand quilting done as well.

The tan border has harps hand quilted in the right and left borders and the top and bottom borders have the artist’s version of heaven’s pearly gates. The final border is a cherub border and each cherub is echo quilted to make the cherub stand out. The backing is unbleached muslin and it is signed and dated by the artist. Detail Photo

Heavenly Monet - (c) 2001 - Hand Stitched Thread on Textile - 76"x 74". Private Collection in USA.

Dallas Cowboys Star Quilt - (c)1999-2000, Jean M. Judd, Textile ArtistThis quilt was commissioned as a graduation gift for a Dallas Cowboys fan. The center grey star is actually the reverse side of a piece of grey leaf fabric. It is heavily echo quilted by hand a 1/4" apart.

Stars are heavily triple quilted by hand across the surface of this whole cloth quilt. The words "Dallas" and "Cowboys" are hand appliqued to the quilt top. The recepient's name and the year are hand quilted inside various stars around the center grey star.

The quilt is hand bound and the backing fabric is traditional, unbleached muslin. Detail Photo

 Dallas Cowboys Star Quilt - (c) 1999-2000 - Hand Stitched Thread on Textile - 100"x 83". Private Collection in USA.

Dog Bone Quilt - (c)2000, Jean M. Judd, Textile ArtistThis piece was commissioned by a family who owned a Westie and a Miniature Collie. This quilt is the precursor to the Family Name quilts.

Each family member's name was hand quilted into a hand appliqued dog bone on a hunter green background. Four silhouettes of a Westie were hand appliqued onto hunter green blocks.

Hand Echo quilting was done around each dog silhouette and bone 1/8 of an inch apart in each block. This gives the piece a very textured appearance. The brown sand border has hand quilted dog paws and baby foot prints. This quilt is displayed in their entry way of their home on a custom display rack. Detail Photo

Dog Bone Quilt - (c) 2000 - Hand Stitched Thread on Textile - 36"x 36". Private Collection in USA.

Solid Log Cabin - (c)2000 Jean M. Judd, Textile ArtistThis piece is made of all solid colored fabrics. Half of each Log Cabin block is made of black fabric. In the center of each block is the initial ("B") for the owner of the quilt. All quilting is done by hand on this quilt. It is also hand bound.

The backing is traditional, unbleached muslin. It is signed and dated by the artist.

This quilt was a commissioned piece in 2000. There were eight colors used in the quilt. All fabrics used were solid colors except for one sand print.
Detail Photo

Solid Log Cabin Quilt - (c) 2000 - Hand Stitched Thread on Textile - 90"x 81". Private Collection in USA.