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Spread throughout artist Jean M. Judd's website are short YouTube videos discussing the creation of some of her textile artworks. This page has all of the videos condensed into one location for easier viewing. As new videos are made, they will be added here as well as with the individual artworks they were made for.

By clicking on the name of the artwork, it will take you to the page write-up about the specific artwork on the website. You may need to scroll down to find the artwork as there are several included on each page.

Abstract Textures 1.1 
Stepping Stones        
Serenity Tree             
Stain Glass Mosaic #1
Butterflies in the Dark
Eagle Wings              
Fiesta Pinwheels       
Hummingbirds in Flowers
Purple Angel             
Abstract Textures 1.2 
Abstract Textures 1.3 
Fractured ‘Gello #1    
Abstract Textures 1.4 
RustedLace #3          
RustedLace #4          
Shadowof the Past   
Fractured‘Gello #2   
Rusted Vines and Hinges
Sound Waves #3         
Rusted Snowflakes    
Rusted Lace #5              
ContaminatedWater #9
AbstractTextures 2.1
Fractured 'Gello #5 
Contaminated Water #10
Sound Waves #4       

Abstract Textures 5.3 
Abstract Textures 5.4 

US Embassy in Lima, Peru 

US Embassy Artwork Packing